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Finding your part

Searching for a spare part at agroparts.gr, it is very important to have the model number, so as the result may be as accurate as possible. Even when a model number is only different by one digit, the parts for that model may not be compatible with other models.

Each manufacturer uses a different model number system. However, some type numbers are especially difficult to be found on the tool or machine because of the following reasons:

  • Model numbers may vary from brand to brand. Sometimes an entire type number is just one digit or letter, and sometimes model numbers are very long combinations of letters and numbers.
  • “Model numbers” go by different names, depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers call them model numbers, while sometimes they are called the: type number, series number, or bar code number.
  • Some model types are only distinguished by the year of the model.
  • Model numbers may be very difficult to find, sometimes located on the inside of a tool’s housing. Fortunately, most model numbers are listed on the name plate.
  • Some manufacturers do not use a model number system at all.

This article provides explanations and pictures for finding model numbers for the most common brands, making it easier to order the right part. In general, while searching for a model number at agroparts.gr, we try to present you every possible result that may match with the letters or numbers you enter in the search field (even if they are just a part of the complete model number).

  1. Identify the model number
  2. Enter the model number (or just a part of it) in the search field of the home page of our site.
  3. This will navigate to a page that displays all types that match the model number entered.
  4. In case more than one option is found, select the right model number using other criteria displayed, like the year of the model, the serial number etc.

Please, find below some examples with pictures that will help you to find the model numbers of some of the most well-known manufacturers:

Example: Chainsaw ECHO CS-280TES

Example: Chainsaw McCULLOCH CS450

Example: Brushcutter MTD 790M

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